We have started selling KUZURI products at our directly managed stores, which make processed products using ingredients from the mountains and are located at the foot of Mt. Gassan, one of the Dewa Sanzan mountains and a sacred place for mountain worship.

KUZURI is a product brand founded by Daizaburo Sakamoto, an artist and monk of the Dewa Sanzan Mountains. KUZURI products are all made by hand, from the collection of raw materials to processing, bottling and labelling.

Daizaburo has studied the wisdom and technology born from the relationship between nature and humans, and the culture brought about by rituals and faith, while actually going into the mountains, and has written many books that give various insights to us modern people. He is also the owner of Shop & Cafe "Jusanji", which sells home-roasted coffee, a variety of folk crafts selected by Daizaburo, and KUZURI products.

Wild Grape Cordial 360ml
The first thing we'd like to introduce is a concentrated juice made from wild grapes harvested from the depths of the forests of Gassan, Yamagata Prefecture, which have been carefully processed to make it easy to drink.

In the area at the foot of Mt. Gassan, it was customary to drink a drink made from wild grapes when one had caught a cold or was tired.
The word "cordial" originally came from the UK and Australia, meaning a drink made with care. Like wild grapes, each household has their own recipe, and the wild grape drink that has been passed down in the villages surrounded by Mt. Gassan is also a "heartfelt" drink that has been passed down from household to household.

It can be enjoyed cold, with soda, or with hot water. With a deep flavor like wine, you can enjoy it in a variety of ways depending on your physical condition and mood that day.

Gassan Butterbur Miso 90g
Fukinoto miso, hand-made at the foot of Mt. Gassan, is a very popular home-style dish in Yamagata that has been handmade in households in the region for a long time.
This recipe is based on the breakfast served at Ochimizu no Yu Tsutaya, a long-established inn in Gassan Shizu Onsen, and is the perfect accompaniment to vegetable sticks or rice.
It contains more butterbur shoots than miso, and has an easy-to-eat flavor while retaining the bitter taste and unique aroma that are characteristic of butterbur shoots.

Gassan Kuromoji essential oil 5ml
When you are hiking in the mountains and you enter a thicket, you may suddenly smell a nice fragrance. This is the fragrance of a plant called Kuromoji, which has been used since ancient times for toothpicks to eat Japanese sweets and in tea. Around Mt. Gassan, it is also used for snowshoes.
In recent years, it has been attracting attention both at home and abroad as a Japanese herb.

Kuromoji, which grows wild at the foot of Mt. Gassan, is said to have a particularly good scent. The branches with the strongest scent are harvested, finely crushed, and then carefully distilled over a long period of time. With great effort, a very small amount of essential oil can be extracted. It is a very rare essential oil, and its components and scent have relaxing and antibacterial effects.
You can enjoy the mysterious and exquisite scent that only a few people know about.

Gassan Kuromoji Aromatic Distilled Water Spray 50ml
This is 100% aromatic distilled water made from natural ingredients that are produced when extracting essential oil from Kuromoji.
Trace amounts of essential oil components are dissolved in the tea, giving it a faint scent of Kuromoji.
It can be used as a linen spray or room spray, in aroma humidifiers and bathrooms, for skin care, etc. It can also be used as loyly water to pour on sauna stones.

Gassan Kuromoji Aromatic Distilled Water Refill 200ml
We also offer refills for aromatic distilled water sprays.

KUZURI products are made from materials that nature offers in all four seasons. You can feel the respect for nature and sincere passion for craftsmanship in every detail.

Please try.

The KUZURI logo was created using a woodblock print by Daizaburo.
The motif of the kuzuri (bent raccoon dog) is a mammal of the weasel family with thick, sturdy limbs and wide hands and feet. It lives alone, making a simple bed out of grass and leaves to nest in rock crevices, caves, holes dug by other animals, or under fallen trees. In the mythology of northern peoples, it is thought to be a mysterious animal that teaches humans how to hunt and crosses different realms such as the earth, the ground, and the sky .