We are now in the middle of May and the leaves on the trees are turning a vibrant green. How are you all doing these days?
During this time of year, the daily temperature difference is large, making it difficult to decide what to wear.

We will introduce ladies' coordination using items with excellent body temperature regulating properties that will be useful from early summer through the rainy season.
I hope this will be helpful for you when wearing the item.

Recycled Denim / Overall


Two types of denim, overalls and coveralls available in men's sizes.
The denim fabric developed this season is thin and light, making it suitable for wearing all year round.
Staff / 164cm size:4

The overalls have shoulder straps that can be adjusted in length and the hems can be tightened.
The size can be adjusted freely, so it can be worn by women without any problems.
It has a loose silhouette, so we recommend pairing it with a slim inner layer. It will give your silhouette some definition and create a well-balanced look.

Recycled Denim / Coverall


A coverall that can be worn like a shirt.
It folds compactly, making it convenient to carry.
Staff / 155cm size:4

Gima Cotton Knit / Cardigan

Men's V-neck cardigan.
This 100% cotton summer knit recreates the crisp feel of linen.
It is also recommended as a cover-up on chilly days or as a protection against indoor air conditioning.
Staff / 164cm size:4

Cotton Silk Rib /
Turtle neck Long sleeve

Cotton Linen Urage / Skirts

Cotton silk ribbed top.
It contains cotton to maintain the smooth feel of silk while also providing durability for daily use.
Silk is a material with excellent moisture absorption, release and heat retention properties, and can flexibly adapt to changes in temperature.

Additionally, the long skirt made of cotton linen fleece is characterised by its voluminous design.
The inside that touches your skin is made of linen loops, so it feels smooth and cool.

Cotton Linen Urage / Pullover

We also recommend wearing it as a set with a top made of the same material.

Extra Mini Urage / One-piece


The material is knitted into a fleece structure that is as thin as jersey fabric.
The inside that touches your skin has fine bumps, so it doesn't stick to your skin and is comfortable to wear even in hot weather.
This dress has a mature impression, taking advantage of the elegant drape of the surface.
This is an item that you can wear with a haori jacket this season, or on its own in summer.

Broad Stitch Rib / Elbow Length T-shirt

Broad Stitch Rib / Long Sleeve T-shirt

A new material innerwear series for spring/summer 24.
The size has been adjusted to provide a comfortable fit without being too tight, with just the right amount of room.

The fabric has a three-dimensional look created by needle-punched ribbing, giving it a casual yet sophisticated impression.
You can choose from three styles: long sleeve, half sleeve, and tank top, depending on the temperature.

Although the change of seasons can be a time when it's easy to get sick and difficult to manage your health, you can stay comfortable and relaxed by incorporating natural materials that are suitable for the climate into your daily wardrobe.

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