Arisugawa Park is just a few minutes walk from our shop.
There aren't many people around, so it's a great spot for cherry blossom viewing.
Right now! It seems to be the best time to see them.
We would like to inform you of an event that we hope you will come and enjoy while enjoying the cherry blossoms.

From April 6th to 14th, we will be inviting Yokohama-based "MICHIO Lovely Glasses" to House Fill Melange to hold a pop-up glasses shop.
Mr. Michio Ukai, Owner of MICHIO Glasses
After working as a sales staff member and later as a buyer at a long-established vintage clothing store in Harajuku,
The Yokohama store is located near Osanbashi Pier.
In addition to stocking a wide range of vintage and modern eyeglasses from around the world,
He is also involved in the supervision and production of various collaborative eyeglasses.
Music creative director Shinya Shoji has collaborated with the eyewear label "Issun Ippai"
Original glasses by Satoko Shibata will also be on sale soon.
The second wave of Satoko Shibata's original eyeglass frames, "Shibata's Cell"

On the 6th and 7th, Michio-san will be in the store.
From vintage items from Europe and the US to mid-vintage frames and current items made in Japan,
Participants will bring in a stock of nearly 100 pieces of glasses, including those designed by Michio.

Frame fitting and shape consultation,
We can help you with lens selection, etc.
We hope this will be a good opportunity for you to buy new glasses.
If you have good eyesight, wear sunglasses.

To commemorate the event with Michio, who is generous in both body and mind,
We will also be releasing a limited number of original printed T-shirts. Regarding ordering glasses,
Basically, the frames are lined up without lenses in them.
On the spot, prescription or non-prescription,
You can order with or without lens color (additional charge).
Of course, we can also sell just the frame.
*Some of the sunglasses will be sold with lenses included.
Non-prescription clear lenses ¥2,500
Non-prescription color lenses ¥4,000
Prescription clear lenses
1.55-1.60 ¥3,500-
1.67 ¥5,500-
1.74 ¥7,500-
The above is just an example, please consult with staff for details.
After the lenses are processed and fitted, they will be shipped and delivered to you.

During the period, the interior of the HOUSE will be decorated with order amidst chaos, reminiscent of the interior of MICHIO Glasses.

The atmosphere is similar and it is a liquor store that Yoshidacho in Yokohama is proud of.
Quench your thirst with carefully selected natural wines and lambic beers from Saba Tora Sake Bar while enjoying your glasses and new spring products.

Nice glasses MICHIO Instagram

Date and time: Saturday, April 6th to Sunday, April 14th, 2024
*The store will be closed on the 8th (Mon.)
<Location> House Phil Melange , 1st floor, Tour Blanche Azabu, 3-4-29 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone : 03-3473-8611