The rain continues as the season begins, but how are you all doing?

This year's rainy season is called the long rainy season, and it looks like the humid days will continue.

Rainy season means rain.

I don't like rain, but I'm in trouble if it doesn't rain.

I want to change my way of thinking and have fun together.

Well, something that is essential during such a long rainy season is an umbrella.

Currently, vinyl umbrellas are the mainstream as they are easy to use.

Vinyl umbrellas don't last long, and most of all, they're not eco-friendly.

There are probably many people who want a stylish and good umbrella.

This time at Filmelanger, we will make a gloomy rainy day a little more enjoyable.

In order to introduce you to a wonderful umbrella that is stylish and makes you feel good,

british umbrella brand


This event will be held at directly managed stores and online sites.


Mosesmanly and Edward Gucewicz in 2014

This is an umbrella brand that Britain is proud of to the world, founded by two people.

Everything is handmade, and the reliable technique of the two people

This was cultivated through training at a long-established umbrella store in London that was established in 1830.

Umbrellas are made using traditional techniques that have been used for hundreds of years, using the best materials from all over the world.

It is strong and durable, and if properly cared for, it can be used for many years to come.

In England, a country with a lot of rain

A brand that has gained popularity for its reliable technology and quality.



Each piece is handmade by artisans in our North London factory.

All processes are handmade, making it extremely sturdy and durable.

This is a high-quality umbrella in both name and reality.

And we are particular about the materials.

Top quality fabrics, plus buffalo horn and collected from forests around the world

Made from hardwood.

The reinforcements are hand-sewn and made of water-resistant fabric.

You can see the attention to detail.

Now, let us introduce the lineup of this POP UP STORE.



Made from a single piece of wood from the handle to the top.

This is a high-quality umbrella with a traditional construction.

We use a wood called maple wood stick.

Mid-polished finish with weather-resistant cover.

*Polished finish is also called mirror finish.

This is one of the basic techniques for finishing a new product.

Two types of handles are available: oak and ash.

Both have a luxurious appearance.



As the name suggests, this is a slim long umbrella.

The handle is made of Wangi (bamboo rhizome),

The shaft is made of reinforced steel for added strength.

The ``sliding tip cup'' that holds the dew tips together is characterized by a good fit when bundled.

It's lightweight, the onegie handle fits your hand, and the appropriate thickness makes it easy to grip.

The slider is smooth and light, making it easy to open and close.

The slender and beautiful silhouette when tied up looks very picturesque when propped up.

It is an easy-to-use and highly practical product.


The name comes from the shape of the winding resemblance to a telescope.

The handle uses the same onegie as the long umbrella.

The brass pull tab and horn button are completely original specifications.

The silhouette when rolled is also beautiful.

Although it is a popular folding type, it is probably not used at long-established umbrella shops.

Adopts a jump open button,

It can be opened easily with one touch, but the slow opening has a dignified feel.

It feels like a good fusion of traditional technology and modern functionality.

A canvas storage bag is included for both the long and folding umbrellas.

*This is only to prevent dust during storage.

What did you think.

An attractive umbrella with an elegant and luxurious appearance.

Of course you can use it for yourself, but it also makes a great gift for Father's Day.

Nowadays, it is difficult to express gratitude directly due to the new virus.

Why not give a high-quality umbrella as a token of your daily gratitude?

Please take a look at this opportunity.



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