Sea Day Summer Event 2023

Now that the bright sun is shining and we can feel the arrival of summer, how are you all spending your time?
Summer in Japan is extremely hot and cannot be described as a pleasant season, but it is a season filled with a unique atmosphere and charm that cannot be found in other countries.
In modern times, we use air conditioners to combat the heat, but how did Japanese people in the past spend and feel the hot summer months?
Precisely because this was a time when technology was not yet developed, the wisdom of those days is still being utilized today. Sprinkling water on the streets and installing bamboo blinds under the eaves can help alleviate the heat, and even today we can still feel the pleasant atmosphere through our eyes and ears, such as the sound of wind chimes and fireworks. Maybe you can spend some time there.

This year as well, we will be offering indigo-dyed products made with ``lye fermentation,'' an old-fashioned technique that will give you that summer feel.
This time, we have selected a new model that has not been released before.
We also have 3 types of air spin jerseys that are popular in the collection, ALDERSON, ARNO, and ADOLPF, as well as the directly managed store limited model GILL, which is available only for ladies, and the bandana OTTO, which has been popular with customers.

Furthermore, as a special model, we will be unveiling for the first time the new jacket CHIP and pants CLARK, which are made from organic cotton and have an elegant texture with little fuzz and just the right amount of firmness.

On the first day of the event, Mr. Yoshikawa of LITMUS, an indigo dyeing craftsman based in Motokugenuma, will be in attendance.
Please enjoy this opportunity to hear valuable stories unique to craftsmen.

We hope you will spend this summer enjoying the indigo dyed products that we have in our first lineup.
We look forward to your visit.

<Developed products>

LT-ALDERSON 3/4/5 size ¥26,400

LT-ARNO 3/4/5 size ¥30,800

LT-ADOLPF 4/5 size ¥41,800

LT-GILL 1 size ¥20,900

LT-OTTO 2 patterns F size ¥11,000

LT- CHIP 3/4/5 size ¥66,000

LT- CLARK 3/4/5 size ¥58,300

<Date and time>

Saturday, July 15, 2023 Monday, July 17, 2023 Made 11:00-19:00


House Filmelanger


Tour Blanche Azabu 1F, 3-4-29 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo