Heavy Ram Melton Knit/Coat

Introducing heavy lamb melton knit, women's coat / HOLLES.

The fabric is knitted using high-quality lambswool grown in southern Australia, then subjected to a fluffing and pilling process to create a 100% natural fiber fleece.
Lambswool is sheared from Merino lambs that are between 5 and 7 months old, so the fibers are fine and elegant, with a supple luster and elasticity.
It also has high heat retention properties because it contains a lot of air due to the crimping of the fibers.
It has plenty of flesh, but is lightweight, flexible, and elastic, making it very comfortable to wear.

In order to emphasize the "lightness" which is a characteristic of the material, we purposely chose not to add any lining. Both the sleeves and the width of the body have a loose design, so you can wear it stress-free even over thick tops.

The material is light and soft, so you can easily throw it on and go out without worrying, making it a coat that is perfect for everyday life.
Heavy Ram Melton Knit / Coat / HOLLES