Introducing the 24 spring/summer collection fleece

This February in Tokyo has been quite challenging... Just when we felt an crazy warm day had arrived, the cold swiftly returned, Spring strong winds carrying warm climate and pollen, teasing our eyes and noses.
March brings a sense of spring's budding, as it's time to put away our winter knits, FilMelange staff reach for sweatshirts. Announcing this year's spring/summer sweatshirt lineup, Allow me to share a bit about the journey to their creation.

While we've been producing sweatshirts with linen yarn on the back for the past few years, this year, we've made a complete change in direction. We say Good Bye to the loose, lightweight fabrics like gauze of last year, and we've opted for firm fabrics with substantial touch. Initially stiff to the touch, but they soften with wear. It will fit in your life with good texture.
Ensuring durability as you wear them is paramount, A challenge met through thoughtful design. Cutting and sewing the fabric at a 90-degree angle, whihch is an age-old technique to minimize shrinkage and distortion. It's intriguing how this decades-old wisdom still holds true today.

This design has been extended to crew necks, parkas, trousers, and even skirts.
For blousons and shorts, we've stuck to our usual designs, But with the fabric itseld and color, they make a statement, Simple yet assertive.

RIVERS / reverse crew neck sweatshirt

RAINE / rain parka
RAGUNA / Raguna long pants


When it comes to blouson and shorts, don't take them to the side.
I designed it as usual, but with the presence of the fabric and color,
Although it is plain, it is an item that makes a statement.

RANALD / Ranald blouson

RAINER / Rainer shorts

On the other hand, we also have developed cotton sweats. As our president remarks, "Brushed Sweats used to be mainstream for the sweatshirt scene," it is in the old day in US. Sweat Shirt is made for the sports wear as purpose so whether it is hot or cold, Sweats was always brushed inside.

But in today'summer, such conventions no longer apply. We've produced Sweatshirts with good color and comfort in mind, yet with a touch of nostalgia, NO brushed.We prefer a slight stretchiness in the fabric, prodcuing items that can be worn for a long time.

The ivory color continues from last season, alongside blue, orange, and a slightly darker heather gray we have.


In terms of shape, we've basically maintained same styles from last season. Introducing only the stand-collar type as a new addition, drawing inspiration from a classic un-fashion design.

VIET / Vette crew neck pullover

VOTTO stand collar

VILI / VILI hood pullover

And finally, the prints. We've had some fun playing with the design of the famous and popular University of Pennsylvania one. If straight American casual isn't your thing, give this a try.

VIET-PT / Vette print