“Re TeeSHIRTS” プロジェクト


 As the sun ushers in the arrival of spring, we hope this message finds you well.


In this issue of Yomimono, we'd like to share FilMelange’s thoughts on sustainability and SDGs concerning with environmental destruction, along with our upcoming initiatives.


Since our brand start, we've been committed to addressing environmental issues, as we shared before in YOMIMONO.




many brands now loudly claim to be eco-friendly so you may often have been hearing it a lot lately like: This is eco-conscious products.” “This focus on sustainability

But we didn’t loudly and actively because we've always considered it a given. Therefore we feel a little shy about explaining it. 

Our focus has been on creating fashionable, uplifting clothing that brings joy. That means what you can enjoy fashion is important first and we want you know our thought after loving our products.

“I get to know this brand is eco-conscious

Sewing Thread and Brand Label are also natural material

This will be back to soil after we worn out it.

So if you later realize our commitment to the environment after, we would be delighted

Our priority is making "good products."

 FilMelange adheres to these principles:

▼With carefully selected natural materials.

▼Developing everything in-house, from yarn, fabric to sewing.

▼Prioritizing comfort and environmental considerations, using organic materials.

▼Producing the best products with skilled Japanese craftsmanship.


These principles guide us in pursuing the meaning and joy of wearing clothes, always considering both people and the environment.

14 years ago, terms like eco and SDGs were less familiar. But now, they are widely recognized and people are actively interested, reflecting a global shift towards environmental consciousness.

 With COVID-19 changing lifestyles, more people are rethinking our life and environment.In response, we FilMelange start new project in order to think about production and consumption of clothing with you.

we launched the "Re TeeSHIRTS" project.



If you think what is it?, it would be fine.

Please let us explain it.

When we produce clothing, there will be always fabric waste.

 In addition to such fabric waste which we produced with all our heart, we collect our old clothing in our store that you wore out and difficult to wear.

We turn them back into cotton and blend with high-quality organic cotton, spin new yarn, and develop new fabric with our special recipe. And we produce TeeSHIRTS from this fabric. This is an outline of our new project.

 I will explain the brief flow after so first of all, please let explain about “HANMOU”(Recycling resources) which is the key of this project.

 HANMOU” is the recycled material of short fibers from cotton or wool, which is turned from natural clothing like cotton or wool by breaking with special needle implement.

Originally HANMOU” means recycled wool material from waste yarn and fabric of wool products by special needle implement. But recently cotton is also available as recycled materials for clothing from waste of fabrics, productions, worn and old clothing by special implements.

Before the Industrial Revolution, fabrics is being revitalized again and again for clothing and household goods, by recycling. This is not for the environmental destruction at that era, back then, fabric was precious, reused many times. In today's era of mass production, this culture of valuing materials feels particularly relevant.


And now please let me explain about the flow of “Re TeeSHIRTS” project. We collect old FilMelange products, cut them into small pieces, and use a HANMOU machine as special needle implement to turn them into cotton material. Blending this cotton and fine organic cotton is then spun into new yarn. And we produce new fabric with our special knitting macine for new T-shits.


FilMelange products are entirely made of cotton, from sewing threads to labels. They do not include harmful substances and can decompose to soil naturally when discarded.  

However, if we trash it, that is over. No one can reuse it. By recycling these items, we can prevent them from becoming waste and prodcue new T-shirts instead. This is Re TeeSHIRTS project.

 This project is not completed by only us. We requires everyone's participation. The clothing which you get and wear. The fate of used clothing—whether discarded or recycled—depends on you.  

It’s crucial for each of us, as consumers, to think seriously about this issue and take action.

There are many NEWS about the environmental destruction now. We would like to think it with you and act together.

This is the reason why we start this project.

We hope this project will help to have interest and awareness about environmental issues.

You may feel formal but please participate with feeling free, knowing that enjoying fashion can also contribute to the environment.

 Please bring your well-loved FilMelange items which you wore out to HOUSE FilMelange.

Let’s talk about the journey of these clothes as they become new T-shirts through the "Re TeeSHIRTS" project.

The new T-shirts will be in the Spring/Summer 2022 season. Please wait and see what kind of wonderful T-shirts we can make. We look forward to producing something exciting with you. 


Collection Period: From March 1, 2021


Collection Items: FilMelange products like T-shirts and sweatshirts

Collection Location: HOUSE FilMelange, 106-0046 Tokyo, Minato-ku, Motoazabu 3-4-29 Tour Blanche Azabu 1F

Inquiries: Tel: 03-3473-8611, Mail: