We are sorry that there might be some inconveniences for the visitors but it is our pleasure
that you can feel the current FilMelange essence.

It was quite tight schedule and busy so we all were mentally pressured. Eventually all
samples made it and the exhibition went well so I :[this Writer is the product manager]am
relieved . But meanwhile, a lor of new items for Spring Summer are in store now.
At this time in these items, please let me introduce AIR SPINNING TENJIKU that is one of
the best selling item in Spring Summer.


We presume that everyone imagine that
FilMelange products are soft and comfortable to wear. But AIR SPINNING TENJIKU is very
dry and solid texture. Now this fabric has becaome popular in our Spring Summer items
and quite essential one.
It keeps you dry and reduces stickiness even if you sweat. Furthermore, very tough and
Reliable things is always nice.

ALDERSON / Short sleeve Tee
At this season, we have 4 colors: Ivory, Salmon Pink, Sage, Charcoal Black. Someone may
ask me that he wants white but we wanted to develop the bottom items with this fabric. It

would be better to wear Ivory rather than just white. Salmon Pink and Sage gets some
faded so you can match to wear it easily and Charcoal Black is always good.

ALBIE / Shorts  ALBERT  /  Long pants
Our product team discussed this fabric that is very tough and hard so available with the
bottom items. And then we started to design for bottoms. This fabric is like a woven one but
we wants to focus on the point of Jersey. We had a lot try and errors and after that
developed Cargo Pants and Shorts with York Pockets.
Cargo Pants has loose silhouette,
which we have not had such a loose fitting in recent years. Details is just only Relax Pants
with Side Cargo Pocket therefore it looks not too military but more simple one for daily use.
It will be always with you in holidays. 
Shorts is very standard. It is just a basic medium
balance. Back pockets are hidden to not be assertive: York part covers the pockets and it
also keep underwear invisible.

ALBERNO / Boat neck long sleeve
 We added Boatneck long sleeve item. This solid fabric inspired us feeling of Basque Shirt.
Totally it is very relax fitting and comfortable when the wind blows. 
Spring will be coming
soon. We have many more items in stock so please visit our stores and website.

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