ALDERSON / アルダーソン Air Spinning Tenjiku

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Air Spinning Tenjiku / Short sleeve Tee
日本の高温多湿な気候でも快適に着用出来る素材を目指し開発した素材です。エア(圧縮空気)の旋回流によって紡ぎだされた糸は内層に繊維がしっかり保持されるため繊維の動きにくい構造となり、「もっとも毛羽の少ない紡績糸」となります。その結果、毛玉になりにくく耐久性の高い生地に仕上がります。また、吸水拡散性が非常に高い為、夏の汗ばむ季節でも快適に着用して頂けます。 ドライで固めの質感が多くのファンを虜にし続けています。生地の固さを生かしたゆったりとしたシルエットの定番Teeです。

This is a developed fabric to wear comfortably for hot and humid climate like Japanese Summer. Its yarn is spined by advanced open-end spinning way: 30 two-ply compact Tenjiku. We continue to produce this fabric as our standard fabric for Spring Summer.
This fabric provides cotton feature itself so people loves this dry touch and durability. At this season, we have standard T-shit, useful boatneck tops and bottoms with this firm fabric.

サイズ 着丈肩巾身巾袖丈

サイズスペックは指示寸となります。特にニット素材は、測り方によっては2~3cmの誤差が生じますので、 あくまでも参考寸法としてご理解をいただきます様お願いいたします。

model: 185cm
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<About the characteristics of Fil Melange Shoppers>
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The size chart is the pattern size, so there may be slight differences from the actual product.
Also, since natural materials are used, there may be individual differences in color and size.

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When washing, please be sure to check the washing label and wash according to the instructions.

Fil Melange products are sewn using cotton thread. Cotton thread has many advantages, such as being pleasant to the skin and being less environmentally hazardous. However, it is weaker than the spun thread (synthetic fiber) normally used for sewing, and there is a risk of the thread breaking if pulled too hard. We recommend using a laundry net when washing.

In addition, please refrain from using detergents containing fluorescent agents as they can cause discoloration, especially on off-white fabrics.

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