There seem to be various theories about the fiber regeneration technique called ``Hanmo'', but its history seems to date back to the Meiji era.
At that time, it seems that due to the lack of resources, wool was mainly used.
Now, with the help of SDG's and others, various materials are being recycled using this technology.
Filmelanger is unusual for an apparel brand,
We develop this technology in-house.
This is because I wanted to create it using original thread and count.
We also collect and sort by hand the remaining threads and fabrics that serve as resources, as well as used Filmélanger clothing that we have received from everyone.
We are currently developing cotton yarn,
In the first part, I made a jersey, and in the second part, I made a fleece.
We also created a spindle (round cord) as an accessory.

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And this time, we have newly developed "Denim".
This thread was originally developed for cut and sew purposes,
It was the perfect count for use as a slightly thin denim for spring and summer.
Because the raw yarn is medium gray (the curling process is an additive color mixture, the more you mix it, the closer it gets to black),
I was worried about how the warp rope dyeing would turn out, but
Thanks to the help of Japan's skilled craftsmen, it was successfully completed.
The medium gray thread was used as is for the weft, and the recycled denim was created.
anti-hair denimRecombinant denim fabric By the way, there is a fabric that I used as a reference.
It is an item issued to the US Navy in the early 60's. .
(Referenced from the personal belongings of the president of Shosha)
The indigo blue color is not too deep, and the gray color of the weft is combined,
It's not a replica by any means, but it's made of light-weight denim with a nice touch.

The three types created for the 2024 Spring/Summer exhibition are each individually seasoned item.
A blouson that is a US ARMY denim pullover shirt with an open front.
This was created with emphasis on ease of wear.

REILLY / Riley coverall
Recovered denim coverallRecovered denim coverallRecycled denim coveralls These pants are based on Army's M45 trousers, with a sense of volume while adding a slack-like feel to the silhouette.

RESTON / Reston long pants
Recycled denim pantsRecycled denim pants
REBEL / Level Overall
The design of the overalls is based on the overalls worn by salvage sailors in the U.S. Navy, with added details (opening in the front and pockets on the sides) that make them easy to wear even today. Recycled denim overallsRecycled denim overallsRecycled denim overalls
...and aside from the small details of the design,
We are looking forward to the coming season, which will be hot like last year.
Instead of short sleeves and shorts,
Let's have fun with denim that is thin and easy to wear.
This is a new proposal from Filmelanger. Recycled denim overallsRecycled denim overalls
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