This will be the first time that RINGER T-SHIRT CUSTOM ORDER is being held.
Based on the VOLKER ringer T-shirt, which is consistently popular among FilMelange's spring/summer items, you can freely choose the color scheme of the neck and sleeve trim.

The fabric is a vintage jersey made from carefully selected organic cotton, blended and knitted with a unique uneven texture. It is a material with just the right thickness, and the more you wear it, the more it develops its own character.

The body comes in six seasonal colors.
You can choose from 15 colors for the trim milling cutters.
The sizes range from size 1, which is perfect for women,
We have a wide range of sizes available, including sizes 5, which men can wear loosely.

You can choose a vintage-like color scheme like old clothes, or a unique multi-color scheme, and enjoy creating your own Ringer T that is one of a kind in the world.

<Date and Time>
・5/3 (Fri) - 5/6 (Mon) LOFTMAN TOKYO
・5/10 (Fri) - 5/13 (Mon) LOFTMAN COOP KYOTO
・5/17 (Fri) - 5/20 (Mon) LOFTMAN COOP UMEDA
・5/24 (Fri) - 5/26 (Mon) HOUSE FilMelange