New Zealand Merino wool tenjiku


This summer has been scorching, with temperatures consistently above 35℃, taking a toll on our bodies. Despite the saying, " Heat waves don't last beyond the equinox", this summer heat shows no signs of abating. Please take care of yourselves.

Additionally, this summer calls for restraint due to the ongoing need for social distancing. It’s tough for those who want to be active, but we must persevere now.

With more time spent at home, there’s a growing interest in a good quality lifestyle. People are choosing items that match our lifestyle and using them for a long time, focusing on its quality over trends. People can lead fulfilling lives by carefully selecting items in the areas of "clothing", "food" and "home".

This is seen as the definition of a good quality life.

At FilMelange, we introduce various items related to "clothing", "food", and "home" through our standpoints. Our closest connection to you is through "clothing".

FilMelange has continuously researched and developed to provide the most comfortable clothing each season. This season theme is "Light, Soft, Beautiful." Today, I want to discuss our new material, New Zealand Merino Wool Jersey.

As the name suggests, we use New Zealand Merino wool from the grand natural landscapes of New Zealand. Merino is a breed of sheep known for producing some of the world's finest wool, widely distributed and highly esteemed globally. Notable varieties of Merino wool also include Australian Merino and French Merino.

Our New Zealand Merino wool is exceptionally fine at 17.5 microns, offering a smooth texture with a beautiful sheen with rich white.

The wool that protects the sheep during cold winters is sheared in early spring before it yellows under the summer sun. New Zealand Merino wool grows dense to withstand the harsh, snowy winters, resulting in a white and beautiful texture.

Usually wool has a natural crimp, and New Zealand Merino's crimp is fewer but has greater curvature and bending and torsional stiffness due to passing harsh winter. Therefore, offering excellent elasticity, bulkiness, and stretch recovery.

New Zealand Merino wools have a low variation in fiber length in a sheep so we can get long and even fibers, resulting in a smooth, less pilled yarn.

We’ve developed luxurious jersey fabric from 100% New Zealand Merino wool, which is incredibly soft and great touch. Known as "breathing fiber", wool excels in moisture absorption and release, and also offers antibacterial and deodorizing properties. It’s versatile for various uses, from tops to innerwear, thanks to its fine gauge and best weight.

For someone who may be worried about care, please rest assured. Our shrink-resistant treatment allows for home washing.

You can wash by common detergents but also it is better to use gentle detergents or Additive-free Shabondama Soap sold in our store with laundry net, which can help maintain its quality.
Quick drying is also advantage.

Men’s collection includes long-sleeve T-shirts, Turtlenecks and V-neck cardigans. Women’s collection offers long-sleeve tees and V-neck cardigans.
























You can wear it alone but these pieces are perfect for layering and ensemble styling.

 How about choosing items that match your lifestyle and lead fulfilling your lives more.